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A series looking at the positive and negative aspects of writing from each point of view. This essay deals with first-person perspective.
Advantage #2: First Person Point of View Is More Intimate. When we read a well-written first person novel, it feels like the narrator is sitting right there in the room with us, telling us their story first-hand. The language tends to be less formal, too, than in third person prose. It is more like the main character is telling us their story
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There are many advantages to using the first person: it gives the action a sense of directness and immediacy in that the reader shares Pip's experiences; a first person narrative may assure readers that what they are reading is truthful and authentic; in the hands of a skilful author like Dickens, however, it can incorporate an
So I decided to look into it more and what I found is that there are some advantages to first person point of view and some disadvantages. But first, what exactly is first person point of view? In The Art and Craft of Storytelling, Nancy Lamb explains that in a first-person story, the narrator is the I of the story. That means that
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The first-person point of view gives readers a direct line to a main character. The readers feel a personal connection to the narrator, but hearing a story from only one person has limitations and drawbacks. Before deciding the point of view for a narrative, explore both the advantages and disadvantages of a particular style.
Third Person, Limited narration. This offers a compromise between the other two. It is in third person, like omniscient, but is limited to one character's point of view. The reader only knows what the main character thinks, feels, and perceives. Advantages: 1. More intimate than omniscient, though less than first person. 2.

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